Step 5: Let's share it

Now that you have written down your Advance Care Plan, it is important that you always keep the original in a safe but easily accessible place.

It is also important to share a copy with your:

  • appointed attorney(s)
  • your local GP
  • Medical records unit of the public hospital. Residents in the ACT can send a copy to the Medical Records Unit of both the Canberra Hospital and Calvary Public hospital.
  • other private hospitals or health facilities that you may attend
  • any other important people in your life that you wish to share a copy with.

When sending or giving a copy to a public or private hospital or health facilities be sure to include a covering note to request that your Advance Care Plan is put on your medical record.


My Health Record

You can also register for an My Health Record that will flag with healthcare providers that you have an Advance Care Plan.

Your record is available for access, with your consent, no matter where you are in Australia.

Further information is available at:

Ph: 1800 723 471

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