STEP 3: Let's TALK about it

Now that you have thought about what gives meaning to your life, the quality of life you enjoy and what matters to you in life and at the end of life. The next step is to talk about your plan.

Discussing your wishes and choices with your appointed attorney, your GP and significant people in your life is important even if it is not always an easy thing to do. Talking early and often can prevent potential conflict within a family if a health crisis occurs. Health matters and life circumstances may change over time and your choices and wishes may also need to amended and a revised Advance Care Plan discussed and distributed.


Capital Health Network gratefully acknowldge the work of John Hunter Hospital in the production of this Video and permission granted for its use from the

Carer's Support Unit of Central Coast Local Health District.


Talk to your appointed attorney(s), your GP, family and signifcant people in your life so they can be your voice if you are ever incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself, either temporarily or permanently.


At a time that is good for you both when there is time to talk about matters that are important to you


Where it is comfortable to talk


The most important things you want to say to them about yourself and your healthcare

How to start talking...

Not sure how to start talking about issues that some will find sensitive, uncomfortable or upsetting? Here are some ideas

"I  feel I would like to think about the future. Will you help me plan...?"

"Even though I'm ok right now I'm concerned that.....and I want to be prepared."

"I was thinking about what happened to... and it made me realise...."

" I need your help with something that is important to me "


Acknowledgement: Based on The Conversation Project 


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