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Every adult 18 years and over, with the capacity to make financial, health and personal care decisions, can complete an Advance Care Plan as part of life planning at any age or stage.

Planning ahead for a time when you may not be able to speak for yourself, either temporarily or permanently, due to accident or illness, is important.

What if there came a time when?

... without warning you are in a serious accident. You are in Intensive Care on artificial life support.

...the onset of age-related dementia means you no longer have the capacity to make your own decisions. develop a progressive life limiting illness. Varying treatments can prolong your life, but you will not be capable of consenting or communicating your wishes and choices about these treatments. 

Who would be your voice ?

Planning in advance for your future healthcare requires trusting and nominating someone to be your voice.

Would you know what your choices would be?

It also involves making decisions about the unknown.

Most of us have had life experiences and possess values that we would use to shape our choices, if faced with difficult decisions, about our future health and lifestyle.

Your Advance Care Planning involves reflecting on the things that give your life meaning, what you value in terms of lifestyle and what it means for you to live well.

How would your loved ones know what you want?

Talking about your future health care choices will help your loved ones understand your wishes and be comforted in knowing they can be your voice if needed.

It is useful to record your wishes and choices and share a copy of this document with your health attorney, important people in your life, your GP and local hospital.

Capital Health Network gratefully acknowledges the John Hunter Hospital production of this video and permission to use the content granted by Carer's Support Unit of the Central Coast Local Health District

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