Step 1: Appointing a Enduring Power Of Attorney

In the ACT you can choose more than one attorney. They must be 18 years of age or over.

There are some important considerations when deciding who to choose to be your attorney.

It may help to consider some of the following points when deciding who will be your voice.

Your appointed attorney would....

  • Be willing to speak on your behalf.
  • Be able to act on your  wishes and separate their own feelings and wishes from yours.
  • Be contactable if needed.
  • Know you well enough to understand what is important to you and would accept the responsibility.
  • Be happy to talk to you now about sensitive issues and will listen to your wishes.
  • Would be able to handle conflicting opinions between family members, friends and/or medical personnel if the situation arose.
  • Before making a medical treatment decision, ask what would life be like for you following treatment and if treatment was not accepted.

 "The Power to Choose   -Your guide to completing an Enduring Power of Attorney" is provided by the Public Trustee and Guardian Public Trustee and Guardian. This booklet explains how to create an Enduring Power of Attorney and you can find a copy of the Enduring Power Of Attorney form here . The forms are user-friendly and do not require legal expertise to complete.

  Once completed your original Enduring Power of Attorney form should be kept in a safe place with other important documents.

Copies may be given to your appointed attorney and you should also attach a copy to your completed Advance Care Plan.

The next step in Advance Care Planning is thinking about what is important to you....


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